Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What is Slacker Studio?

Slacker Studio is a new kind of audio experience that takes the voices of fascinating people just like you and combines them with your favorite music. Record short audio messages and broadcast them into the music streams of your followers. Wanna be a DJ and share your favorite music? Record audio intros to songs, then broadcast them to your audience.

How do I create a Slacker Studio account?

In order to create a Slacker Studio account, you'll need a valid Facebook or Google account. Slacker Studio uses Facebook single sign-on and will allow you to log in to the app using your Facebook credentials.

Recording Breaks

What's a "Break?"

A "Break" is the name for a short audio recording created in the Slacker Studio app. For example, "I just recorded my first Break!" or "Did you hear Aidan's Break about the greatest metal band ever? It was brilliant!"

Is there a min/max record time for Breaks?

Yep, a Break must be at least :03 seconds and no more than :30 seconds in duration.

Can I decide who hears my Breaks?

Of course! You can choose to broadcast your Breaks to all of your followers, just a few of them, or just one.

Can I delete Breaks?

Definitely. We store the last 10 most recently recorded Breaks on your personal profile page and you have the option to delete them from this view.

Can I edit my Breaks?

When you're creating a Break, you can stitch your audio together by tapping the record button, then tapping the pause button, then tapping the record button again to resume your recording. You can also apply vocal effects, add a custom image, and add comments and hashtags to your Break before you broadcast it. Don't feel like broadcasting your break in the moment? No problem, tap "Save Draft" after recording your audio and you can come back to your break later, touch it up, and broadcast.

How do I share music with my followers?

When you're listening to music, tap the paper clip icon floating on top of the album artwork in the player. Tap Yes and you can record a Break that will play in front of that song, then broadcast it to the music streams of your followers.

You can also look up a song you'd like to attach to your Break by tapping the paper clip icon in the right hand toolbar on the main "Record" page. Here you'll be able to search for a particular song or pick from the list of songs you've previously "thumbed up."

Finding Voices

What are "Voices?"

Voices are the profiles of other Slacker Studio users. When you browse a profile, you can read a short bio of that user and even listen to a preview of some of the Breaks they've created. If you choose to "Follow" that particular user, you will hear their Breaks injected into your personal music stream. You can control the frequency of Breaks in your music stream by adjusting the "Voice" slider in the main player.

What are "Topics?"

Topics are groupings of Breaks that all contain a particular #hashtag in the comment field, for example #besthingever or #scariestmovie. You can choose to follow these #hashtag Topics and hear the associated Breaks injected into your personal music stream. You can control the frequency of Breaks in your music stream by adjusting the Voice slider in the main player.

Listening to Music and Voices

How do I start a radio station?

Tap the magnifying glass in the upper left hand corner of the main player and search for an artist or a genre to find a radio station. Simply tap one of the results and you're off!

What is My Radio?

"My Radio" is a personalized music station tuned to your taste, based on the songs you've "thumbed-up" as you listen to Slacker Studio.

How do I control my mix of music and Voices?

In the main player there is a curved slider labeled "Voices." By adjusting this slider you can control your mix of music and Breaks from the Voices and Topics you follow.

How do I report Breaks that I feel are inappropriate or abusive?

When a Break is playing, tap the thumb icon then tap the exclamation point icon to report that particular Break. You can also report a break from your personal profile by tapping "Breaks" then "Heard" and tapping the overflow menu icon on the Break you'd like to report.

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